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Tonight’s dance list 6.10.15

Today was the first day of the rest of my life, as they say. Or someone said. It started by sleeping in until 6:30 when a cat, Cello, meowed in my face. Then I ran some errands and went through the car wash (Seattle peeps, I got the “Beary best,” even though it always bends my front license plate and today left my back window wiper blade sticking straight out like a tail), walked the lake, and did some tidying up around the house. It is ending now, and we danced this list, with some of our favorite artists:

Refugee–Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers;

New Feeling–Talking Heads;

Ophelia–The Band;

Purple Haze–Jimi Hendrix (Have I mentioned listening to JH as a second grader in the Summer of Love? I have the coolest aunt and uncle. It felt pretty groovy.);

Kodachrome–Paul Simon (I used a fair amount of Kodachrome in my day.)

Day 2 will involve toenail work and should not involve dancing. 😦



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Today’s walk 6.4.15


The Aurora Bridge


Mt. Rainier behind the Lake Union houseboats.


On Friday night we stopped by the Red Door in Fremont to have a beer with a dear friend (and many of her dear friends)  for her birthday. We left before sunset and walked along the canal. The temperature was perfect. The Fremont Bridge, repainted in the last couple of years as I recall, was aglow. After we went to the far side we heard the signal indicating it would soon go up to let a boat through. Then we caught a magnificent view of the mountain (Rainier, for readers far and wide–here, we just call it “the mountain”) above the houseboats on Lake Union. A lovely stroll.


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Tonight’s dance list 6.6.15

Warm night in Seattle. Dancing a bit more slowly despite the rocking song list.

Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard–Paul Simon;

I Stand Accused–Elvis Costello and the Attractions;

Revolution Rock–The Clash;

Honkey Cat–Elton John (Boy cat Cello liked that one, before he went back to sleep on his pillow in the warm west window.);

Wrong ‘Em Boyo–The Clash.


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Tonight’s dance list 6.3.15

When your life is about to change in a Big Way, what do you do? Dance, of course.

Vicky Verky–Squeeze (I swear I loved that album but once again I had no idea that was the name of this song!);

Deborah–Dave Edmunds (Were we New Wavers or what?);

Gloria–Van Morrison;

45–Elvis Costello;

I’m a Rocker–Bruce Springsteen;

Miracle Man–Elvis Costello.

And that’s a wrap.





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Tonight’s dance list 6.1.15

First dance night of June!

Wonderin’–Neil Young (Good way to start after I had a few back twinges after work. All better now.);
Mrs. Vanderbilt–Paul McCartney & Wings;
Beans and Cornbread–Louis Jordan (As DH says, we have a lot of wild cards on this iPod dance playlist these days! Jordan was a bandleader in the ’40s and some call him “The Father of Rhythm and Blues.”)
I Thank You–Sam & Dave;
Too Hot–The Specials (One of my favorite guitar riffs is hidden in this song. I’m still singing it this morning 6/2.).

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Tonight’s dance list 5.26.15

We started dancing tonight when the Mariner’s lost a lead in the 9th and headed into the 10th at a tie. Didn’t get to see Rodney shoot the arrow, but at the end of our last song, we watched (and danced) the final out with the M’s winning 7-6. Here is the final inning’s accompaniment:

Heart–Nick Lowe;
Break Out–Annie Rose and the Thrillers;
Foxey Lady–Jimi Hendrix;
Little Red Corvette–Prince;
Eight Days a Week–The Beatles.

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Tonight’s dance list 5.25.15

Last night of a relatively relaxing and productive weekend. Thinking of our freedoms and those who fought to uphold them.

Here’s the dance list:

Rocket 88–per Wikipedia: originally written as Rocket “88” and credited to Jackie Brenston & His Delta Cats who were Ike Turner’s Kings of Rhythm, March 1951 (DH says some people consider this to be the first rock & roll song.);
Jet–Paul McCartney & Wings;
Emotional Rescue–The Rolling Stones;
Hang On to Your Love–Sade;
I Want to Hold Your Hand–The Beatles.

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Tonight’s dance list 5.24.15

Sunday 5.24.15
Had to dance tonight. Two sets! We could barely move a muscle last night after spending seven hours (!) at my school hanging the year-end art show, which looks pretty good, if I do say so myself, considering all events of late. Here is tonight’s list; Friday’s list follows.

Higher Ground–Stevie Wonder;
It’s Never as Good as the First Time–Sade;
Black and White (Instrumental)–Michael Jackson (This version along with the word version were the first songs we danced to in this house, almost 20 years ago. The CD arrived in a box of stuff from our friend Maria in Sweden and I think it was our very first CD, too.);
Ford Econoline–Chuck Prophet (We saw Chuck at The Tractor in Seattle in January with Z&D. Great show. Check him out.);
Honky Tonk Women–The Rolling Stones.

And a few minutes later, a second set:
Kansas City/Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey!–The Beatles;
Jamaica Jerk-Off– Elton John;
From a Whisper to a Scream–Elvis Costello & the Attractions;
Love for Sale–Talking Heads;
Free Man in Paris–Joni Mitchell;
American Squirm–Nick Lowe.

Friday 5.22.15
My Dear Husband sums it up: “Why sit down for these songs?”

Tenth Avenue Freeze Out–Bruce Springsteen (We both remember where we were when we first heard this song, do you? I was in a dorm room at Columbia.);
Tear Off Your Own Head (It’s a Doll Revolution)–Elvis Costello;
Because the Night (Live)–Bruce Springsteen (One of my FAVORITE song titles ever. I got into this song first through Patti Smith [oh, and if you like Patti Smith and/or New York and you haven’t read Just Kids, you really ought to]);
I Got a Feeling–Otis Shin;
Please Please Me–The Beatles.

After I jotted down these five, we spun one more: I’ve Got You Babe–UB 40 featuring Chrissy Hynde. What a sweet way to end yet another long day and week.

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Tonight’s dance list 5.19.15

To keep going, we keep dancing. To enjoy the night, we keep dancing. To spend time with each other, we keep dancing. To ponder tomorrow, we keep dancing.

The Fez–Steely Dan;

Is It Tomorrow Yet–Joan Armatrading;

Cruel to be Kind–Nick Lowe;

Do You Want to Dance–John Lennon;

Tumbling Dice–Linda Ronstadt version;

Brand New Cadillac–The Clash.

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Tonight’s dance list 5.18.15

Mondays that feel like Fridays, right? One thing to do: go out on a lovely Seattle night to Italian dinner with lovely mother-in-law and no less than three lovely sisters-in-law and a lovely niece, then come home and dance!

I’m liking the new all-dance playlist DH put together. He went through our whole music library and added lots of tunes that previously lived only on my iPod. Here are tonight’s tunes:

You’ll Never Get Me Up (In One of Those)–Dave Edmunds;

That’s All Right–Elvis Presley (DH says this was Elvis’s first hit)

She’s the One –Bruce Springsteen;

Change of Heart–Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers;

I’m Down–The Beatles.


I’m done. B.